A-01) Matcha Black Sesame Cake (gluten-free) *NEW*

A-01) Matcha Black Sesame Cake (gluten-free) *NEW*

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New special launch for Fathers' Day! Moist matcha joconde (light almond sponge cake), layered with light sesame whipped ganache and smooth matcha mousse, on top of a crunchy sesame feuilletine base.
Comes in 2 lovely sizes.

Cake comes complete with a Fathers' Day paper cake topper to complete your celebration!

Our cakes are lovingly handmade by our in-house chefs, with reduced sugar levels to suit our customers' tastebuds.

Do note that each cake is unique & may not look exactly like the photographs.
For customised cake designs or last minute orders (less than 3 days notice), please call us at 9646-5372 to place your order.

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